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What is a packraft?

A packraft is an ultra-light, but extremely sturdy, inflatable kayak that, when rolled up, is as big as a sleeping bag. The great thing is, due to its light weight and small size, you can bring it along on your next holiday. It fits easily in your suitcase and you can use it for an exciting day on the water, wherever your destination. Remember, 71% of the world’s surface is covered by water – start exploring it with your packraft. Join the global packraft movement! Qua Patet Orbis!

Why is a packraft superior to inflatable kayaks?


A packraft weights under 5kg (our lightest weighs only 2.27kg). Inflatable kayaks and SUBs weigh between 12-20kg, which is four-times heavier! This does not mean that heavier equals to superior materials. On the contrary, the material used for packrafts is high-tech TPU, whereas many inflatable kayaks and SUBs are made of PVC. To achieve the same strengths as TPU, the PVC material needs to be thicker, that is why the boats are heavier.

Pack size & transportability

Packrafts can be rolled-up in a small package, which makes them easy to transport. In fact, packrafts can be rolled up to the size of a sleeping bag or tent, whereas inflatable kayaks and SUBs only fit into a bulky bag. Due to the small pack size of packrafts, you can take them everywhere, in your backpack on a highking trip, on public transport when you engage in urban packrafting, and of course on adventures overseas in your check-in luggage.  

Inflation time

Pack rafts have a unique inflation system, consisting of an inflation bag. The bag is secured to the inflation valve and then the air is squeezed into the boat. The fastest inflation time we achieved was just over 1 min. inflatable kayaks and SUBs require a mechanical pump. Inflation with such a pump takes up to 10 min and is exhausting. That is why many now use an electric pump, which is somewhat faster and less straining. The major difference is that inflatable kayaks and SUBs need to be inflated to high pressure, whereas packrafts do not. This means, you do not need to carry a bulky pump with you; the light weight inflation bag (200g) is sufficient.


Packrafts are very stable and do not tip over easily. This is also the case for good-quality inflatable sea-kayaks. The key is a low centre-of gravity which gives it outstanding stability. We have taken our packrafts out to sea during bad weather and have not felt unsafe at any point. As a friend remarked, a packraft is like a ping-pong ball on the water, you are just floating on top, no matter what.   


Last, but certainly not least, let us talk about price. On first sight, one would say packrafts are more expensive. But that is not necessarily true. Packrafts start at $1K whereas some inflatable kayaks (e.g., itiwit) starts at $350. So, on first sight it looks expensive. However, it is a bit like comparing a Lamborghini with a Suzuki (no offence intended). It is undeniable that there are quality differences in the use of materials and the fabrication process. Besides the superior materials, each packraft is hand-crafted, every seam is stitched and then heat welded, followed by hand-installation of fixtures and seat(s) and finally testing and extensive quality control. In short, a packraft is a top-quality product that is hand-crafted and not mass produced. That will not necessarily say that inflatable kayaks cannot be of top quality. There are certainly high-end products available like the Strenfit X500 or some of the Advanced Elements kayaks, but these come at a similar cost of packrafts ($1K+). Thus, comparing like-for-like, packrafts are not more expensive compared to these high-end inflatable kayaks or SUBs.

In summary, packrafts come out as the winner in this comparison because: they are light weight, rollup in a small package, are easy to transport, are very stable and highly seaworthy, and are faster inflated/deflated.

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