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What does "QPO" stand for?

"Qua Patet Orbis"

(latin: as far as the world extends)

Here is why we are so enthusiastic about packrafting

Who are we? We are boating enthusiasts, who discovered the great potential of packrafting. We spent a lot of time sailing in Singapore waters, such as the Southern Islands and Pulau Ubin. Often during our travels overseas, we imagined how nice it would be to have our boat with us and explore the places on the water. Boating gives you a totally different perspective of a location; even Singapore looks entirely different from the water. Exploring Singapore from the water feels like looking at it though a different and refreshing lens, especially during COVID. 

With QPO Packraft Singapore we aim to combine two elements. First, discover Singapore and its local waters. It is great to take the packraft out in the weekend, or even after work (you can launch it in less than 5 minutes) for a quick paddle that will help you to unwind from a hard day or week at work.

Second objective is to take your packraft overseas and explore your (holiday) destination from the sea. A packraft and paddle fit easily in your suitcase. Since 71% of the earth is covered with water, you will find a waterbody almost everywhere. For example, we took our packrafts to Amsterdam and explored the canals or to Margaret River in Western Australia where we paddled on the river to the sea. It created unforgettable memories that no travel agency can provide. All you need is a packraft.

The great advantage of packrafts is that they are so compact and light. Unlike bigger inflatable kayaks and SUPs, that are heavy and bulky, packrafts weigh less than 5 kg and are not bigger than a rolled up yoga mat. This means that you can easily transport them. You do not need a car since you can take your packraft on any public transport in a normal-sized backpack or bag.

Start exploring! Qua Pated Orbis

Why is a packraft worth its price?

A packraft is not a pool toy! It is a high-tech raft system, which is ultra-light, but extremely sturdy. Our MRS® packrafts are made of high-tech materials, such as urethan coated nylon, not PVC or Hypalon like other cheap boats in the market.

The material is light, abrasion resistance, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures. And this material is environmentally friendly. It has a special treatment for a smooth, scratch resistant surface and asymmetric coating (inner layer is thinner than the outside). This creates a supple material for easy packing and folding.

Classified as technical (T)PU, including thermoplastic and other coating processes, TPU has a good reparability that you can use the same fabric to repair the packraft when damaged. The floor material is even tougher and has a thicker TPU layer (similar to ballistic vest materials).

The seams are sewn and heat-welded for optimal durability and peace of mind. All these high-tech materials come at a cost, but will make your packraft last a long time.

Our three ways to raft...

Urban Rafting

Explore the many Singapore canals and rivers. You will be surprised how close you can get to the city.

Sea Rafting

Singapore is an island, explore it's extensive shore line! Even use the wind paddle (a small sail for packrafts) and sail along the coast, without effort.

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Travel Rafting

Take your packraft on your next holiday trip. Explore your destination from the sea, a river, canal or lake.

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